From 2006 - 2015 I ran an alternative music venue, cafe and bar in Birmingham, Alabama called BottleTree Cafe with my brother, Brad Challiss, and my partner (now ex-partner), Brian Teasley. We were very much rooted in the culture and spirit of the DIY world...and true to DIY form we spent most of those years working very long hours and wore many, many hats. Many many people in our community shed sweat, blood and tears with us on our 10 year journey (including the year we spent opening the club). 

In addition to working all the administrative and grunt tasks - booking the club, scheduling staff, doing payroll, paying monthly taxes, booking and running events, working in the kitchen, bartending, working the door, sometimes running lights, mopping the floor and cleaning toilets at the end of the night, I also made some of the posters for our shows by hand (cutting and pasting, literally) - some of which you can see here in this gallery. 

BottleTree grew from a dream in my head into a reality and was one of the hardest and most rewarding chapters in my life.  I am grateful for all of the challenges and lessons it brought, and for the many blessings and magic that BottleTree brought to my world.  I actually did make art during this ten year chunk of time, fitting in an hour here and an hour there, but once BottleTree closed in March of 2015, I made a vow to the universe (and a recommitment to my practice) to make art every day.. and so far (writing this is 2018) I have made art almost every day. 

viva BottleTree! 

To find out more, just google us...

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  • Black Hole Kids

  • Black Hole Kids

  • Album art for Glories


  • Stoned Cobra

  • Akiko Kiyama

  • Downright

  • Downright

  • Sand Mountain

  • Glories

  • Valgeir Sigurrosson

  • Valgeir Sigurrosson - inside jacket

  • Through the Sparks - inside jacket

    Album artwork layout by Vic Donati. Works are collaborations with Chris Lawson

  • Square on Square

  • The Grenadines

    Album artwork layout by Beth Ragland

  • Poster for SHEARWATER

  • poster for wild flag

  • Maserati

  • king khan & the shrines

  • poster for the dodos

  • poster for vockah redu & the cru

  • poster for cults/ small black

  • poster for JSBX

  • Poster for SUGAR & GOLD