The protective eye, evil eye, or nazdar has many roots in ancient cultures and traditions from around the world. The eye is a symbol of conscious awareness. The eye looks out and says “I see you” while at the same time the seeing eye is being “seen” – the observer observed. This reciprocal relationship of viewer to the eye creates a feedback loop, hopefully one of positive energy. Energy follows thought. Thoughts become our reality. Each eye has its own inner eye – a mirror (or a void) in the center – to extend the idea that these are pieces intended for meditation and reflection. Each round dot, essentially a point of light (or perhaps a prayer) becomes something more, something substantive, when aggregated into a bigger whole. We are all individual and yet we are all inter-connected - we must remember this. 

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  • Eyes of Protection 2018

    Mixed media, various sizes - I make them all by hand. They come in a little satin sack with a gift card. Contact me for sales:

  • "Astral Web" 2018

    9 piece installation, Dim Variable - each piece is approx 36" in dia

  • "Eyes of Protection"

    Installation shot Mixed media/ Dim var (the largest eye is 36" diameter and the smallest 3" dia) 2017 Some of these are SOLD and some of these are available at Hall Barnett Gallery in New Orleans.

  • Eyes of Protection

  • "ResiSSSSt" Cosmic Rainbow Serpent

    36" diameter mixed media 2017 (SOLD)

  • "Eye of (Sun)Ra"

    24" diameter mixed media 2016 (SOLD)

  • Eyes of Protection

    Install shot- Julia Martin Gallery, Nashville, TN 2017

  • "Milk Mother"

    24" diameter mixed media 2017 (SOLD)

  • "Eye of Protection"

    36" diameter mixed media 2017

  • SOLD)

  • SOLD

  • SOLD

  • The Hand & the Eye

    If you would like a screen-printed poster of this image, I have a numbered and signed edition printed by YellowHammer Creative. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one:

  • "Eye Tower"

    Install shot, Julia Martin Gallery 2017 mixed media approx 8' H x 20" W

  • Eyes of Protection 2017

    Various sizes sold singly or in groups

  • Eye Magnets

    All of these are SOLD, but I can make more! Contact me for purchase:

  • Eye Magnets

    All of these are SOLD, but I can make more! Contact me for purchase:

  • Goddess Eyes

    Contact me for purchase: Also available at Hall Barnett Gallery in New Orleans, Lousiana

  • Eyes of Protection

    Please contact me for purchase: